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12.7 – Journey (Again)

The last story I wrote for the week is about a deaf old man on the verge of blindness. The deaf old man is in the park, people watching. He watches children playing and wistfully remembers the time his hearing... Continue Reading →

12.6 – The Reader (Again)

Last week's story focuses on a male teenager. The backstory is that he lives alone and is earning his own keep with part-time jobs and other work. Once a month, after putting aside an amount of money, he uses his... Continue Reading →

12.5 – Lifesavers (Again)

Last week, I wrote about a girl who is battling against her own insecurities. Her class is out on a field trip to the national museum, and upon arrival, her classmates made it a point to have a "mini photoshoot"... Continue Reading →

12.4 – Stop Yelling (Again)

Last week's story was about a girl going through a bad day - someone racist told her to go back to her country, someone belittled her, and someone was just plain rude to her. She finds it in her to... Continue Reading →

12.3 – Sleep is for the Weak (Again)

Last week, the story I wrote focuses on a young man for a change. He's battling sleep deprivation and is trying to cram as much information he can into his head before classes the next day. He accidentally falls asleep... Continue Reading →

12.2 – Defeat (Again)

The story I wrote last week focuses on a girl who is enticed by the smell of freshly baked cookies. She lines up for hours, caught in the hype of the line and the reputation of the cookies, only to... Continue Reading →

12.1 – All Aboard (Again)!

Last week, I wrote about a budding actress commuting. She is disguised at first and patiently waits in line to get on the train. Someone bumps into her and she is immediately recognized. She runs away and jumps into the... Continue Reading →

11.7 – Journey

Seed blogs Used: Burning the Midnight Oil, Goodbye, The Deaf, and Home A deaf old man sits on the park benches as he gazes across the park. There are children running around and chasing each other, couples holding hands and walking together, and... Continue Reading →

11.6 – The Reader

Seed blogs Used: Hannah, Papers, Please!, Strictly Business, and Wizards and Muggles A teenager walks in the bookstore. He's wearing a white collared shirt, blue jeans, black sneakers, and a brown messenger bag hanging on his shoulder. The last time he's been to... Continue Reading →

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